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Well over a third of callers have a real craving to do this.

The number of callers that are interested in performing oral sex on other men is quite staggering, well over a third of callers have a real craving to do this. Many have at one point in time or another and it left such a long lasting effect on them, they think about it all the time, when they masturbate, when their wives or girlfriends are giving them oral sex, it has deeply affected them. One thing callers share are their experiences in seeking more men to have oral sex with. Gloryholes are surprisingly popular. Most people would not see the appeal in sucking off random strangers who stick their anonymous penis through a hole in a wall, but many callers have described the euphoric feeling they have when they visit such places.

In the back of an adult bookstore, a men's room, they will stop by after work or on their lunch break, go to the sordid back rooms of such a place and just wait. Most that call are of the submissive variety, the ones that want to do the sucking. It's actually quite rare to hear a caller in the dominant position where he wants to be the one sticking his penis through the wall and waiting for someone to give him oral sex. It's odd, you'd assume it would be a mix, but it is most certainly not.

The appeal of the anonymity seems wrapped up in the shame, the secrecy, the homophobia. They do not know the identities, names, faces of the people attached to these seemingly disembodied penises coming through a hole in a wall in some squalid back room. Horniness drives people to incredible ends at times. What's equally shocking is many are married and then going home and exposing their wives to heaven knows what kind of germs or diseases. It's really quite a shameful thing.

This is why these men call phone sex girls at times, to confess the things they have done they cannot tell another living soul, it unburdens them to a degree. Phone sex girls do much more than just talk naughty and get men off on the phone as they masturbate, we listen to a myriad of personal issues and concerns the callers cannot share with anyone else, we really are here doing a service to others. We aren't just internet prostitutes as some believe, we really are helping these men on some level even they may not understand.

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