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Whether it's just some lingerie, or full on dress up

One very common thing men call phone sex lines about is their habit of crossdressing. Whether it's just some lingerie, or full on dress, wig and makeup, there's a lot of guys dressing up like ladies when they masturbate. Panties are so common to talk about, many even take their wives panties and slip them on when she's not around and she's none the wiser they are doing so. Sniffing panties of ones they have taken them from is also popular. Everyone from roommates to mother in laws are having their dirty, worn panties lifted and used for illicit masturbation sessions. Some will mention fantasies of worn panties that have been worn during workout sessions that are very sweaty and pungent, the smell will drive some wild.

Licking the fabric, tasting their essence and even rubbing it all over themselves as they work themselves into a climactic frenzy and then cumming into the ill gotten panties. Some will wash and return them, others just keep them, many have called and said they put them back with the cum still in them. How a lady could not notice cum in her panties is a mystery for certain. Many that call up confess they started out decades ago trying on ladies clothing and it became a secret thing they did. Some have been caught and were punished for it, and that punishment further fetishizes it in their minds and makes it their naughty secret.

Many will talk of going to work with ladies panties on under their underwear and one no longer wears men's underwear at all and said he feels he walks funny unless he's wearing panties, it's become his norm to only wear them. Some keep their fetish private at home, others will dress up to the nines and go out in public, but usually keeping it to a neighbouring town so they won't be recognized. The feeling of freedom is exhilarating to many to crossdress in public and be their true selves, and try to have guys hitting on them is what some are looking for as well. They'd never feel comfortable having that done in their regular clothes. They want to look feminine. Some have a fetish about the type of fabric, silk or satin and even if you mention men's underwear can be bought in those fabrics, like silk boxer shorts, they will come up with some mention why ladies panties are better.

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