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Nylons, stockings, pantyhose, whatever you want to call them

One of the more common fetishes men call about when they are looking for phone sex is pantyhose fetish. Nylons, stockings, pantyhose, whatever you want to call them, loads of men are crazy about the tactile sensation of having sex with a woman wearing them, or even wearing them themselves. One caller had a perfect description of a woman wearing a garter belt and stockings, he said the garter belt perfectly frames the woman's naughty bits and ass. So they are appealing to the eye, but ones into pantyhose specifically love the tactile sensation of the nylon. Many men love to wear pantyhose themselves as they masturbate. Often wrapping the leg of the pantyhose around their member and teasing themselves with it.

Some have said a woman in pantyhose is so arousing to them, they cannot bear for them to even remove them while they have sex, they simply tear a whole in them and make love to them as they are still wearing them. Some into foot jobs like black nylons especially, since the little drops of cum collect on the nylons and look a lot more visible than if they were wearing the ordinary beige pantyhose. The sensation on their penis is a lot different than bare skin. Some men prefer the smooth slipperiness of bare skin on skin, others like the feel of the nylons caressing them and brining them to orgasm.

Men that enjoy wearing pantyhose themselves have worn them under their pants when the go to work, with socks over top of the feet so ones don't see the nylons at the bottoms of their pant legs and going into their shoes, they love the secrecy of wearing them under their clothes so no one knows, but they know they are wearing them. Some have asked me if they'd mind if they wore them and I wore them at the same time so we'd be having sex and both wearing them, well, whatever gets you excited is fine. Nylons and pantyhose are a pretty harmless fetish to be aroused by.

Some men enjoy performing oral sex on a woman while she's wearing pantyhose. It can be a more teasing type of sensation without the direct flesh exposed. The smell of worn pantyhose is also very sexy for some. Ones that have been worn all day and have been soaked with sweat and secretions and have smelly feet. To some that is sexier than the finest French perfume. So if pantyhose drives you wild, why not call one of the girls here and have a nice chat about all you like to do with them.

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