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Not all men are looking for very fit, athletic, thin women. Some men are quite turned on by plus sized women, and with the population as a whole getting larger every year, that's a good thing, size the BBW's, the big, beautiful women, need their loving too. There is more to love, this is true. The mounds of flesh, usually overly large breasts, the cuddly nature, all these things can be appealing to a man. Many times a woman with a large appetite for food will often have a large sexual appetite as well. Lusty, earthy, sensual. A woman that's not afraid to be gluttonous in the kitchen is usually just as greedy in the boudoir as well.

You also don't need to be as gentle, a large woman can take a more of a sexual pounding than some woman built like a twig. Some men not only adore plus sized women, but they desire to make them even larger. Some have a preference for women over four hundred pounds, women over twice the weight of an average man. They long to feed them to make them even larger, this is called feederism, and they want to make them grow. Feeding them cakes, pies, whole pizzas, anything and everything the woman desires and in huge quantities.

One caller loves to call and tell about the large women he pays to watch them eat. A four hundred pound woman he paid to eat a cake on all fours as he watched and masturbated. He was practically crying with excitement as he related the details of his encounter with this woman. Spoon feeding her and rubbing her belly as she ate. Some men love non penetrative sex with women this large as well. Laying their penis between rolls of the woman's fat, or even penetrating the extra large, extra deep belly button of a very fat woman, there is lots of porn featuring this fetish.

BBW's have their fans, now not all men are looking for women that large, but some do enjoy the nice, fat ass to spank for doggy position sex. The jiggles and wobbles of loose, hanging flesh slapping against itself can be a potent aphrodisiac for many that are into the extra large woman. Smothering themselves between those large breasts and being ridden by a woman double their size is the ultimate earthy fantasy for some. So if being with a big, beautiful woman is what turns you on, why not call one of our plus sized gals for some extra hot masturbation tonight! We will be happy to crush you underneath our voluptuous selves.

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