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Cuckold calls are one of the most popular types of calls to get.

Some days it seems there's nothing but cuckold calls, they are one of the most popular types of calls to get, and many times the men calling have smaller than average penises. Now not all men into cuckold are undersized, but a great many are, since they know they themselves are simply too small to satisfy their partners, that's why she's having sex with another man in the first place. To ones not familiar with the cuckold fetish, one would think these men would get jealous seeing their woman be satisfied with another man, but, no, they love it, seeing her pleased much better than they would ever be able to do themselves.

A man might be very attractive, have a good, and high paying job, but if he's small in the manhood department, most women are not going to be able to overlook that. Even if he's a doctor or lawyer bringing in tons of money and looks like a model, she's going to be looking for sexual satisfaction elsewhere. It might start in secret behind his back, but they soon get wise to her antics, and while they might be hurt at first learning of her behaviour, it soon turns them on, and to the degree they want to watch and even possibly participate in this scenario.

Many men are submissive, so this plays right into that. They like to feel like inadequate saps, victims, losers, possibly even fantasizing about their woman getting pregnant by the man they are being cuckolded by and having to pay to raise the child that isn't even theirs and have the whole community laugh at them for being such a dope. The sense of humiliation is very arousing for many of them, thinking their friends, family, co-workers, are all looking at them as a sap who's wife is making a laughingstock out of them.

For ones not into the fetish of cuckold, it's difficult to understand, some men after all would be jealous and not tolerate their women being with other men, it all depends on the man and the culture the man is from. The appeal is wide though, or it wouldn't be one of the most popular calls there is. Do you like to imagine you lady being taken in front of you and enjoying every moment of it as you watch knowing you could never do as good of a job? Give us a call, we will listen to you tell us all about it.

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