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Voyeurism is always a popular topic among callers.

Voyeurism is always a popular topic among callers, and something that many have engaged in. Spying, looking, peeping on others who do not know they are being watched has always been something men enjoy doing, though it is certainly not very nice to do that to someone, but they seemingly cannot help themselves from doing so. Spying even a house guest for a few days that has no idea they are being watched as the naughty viewer masturbates themselves as they watch the unsuspecting person get undressed for bed, or dry off from their shower, all kinds of different set ups they arrange to catch someone and watch them without them knowing about it.

Spying on neighbours is also popular, creeping around ground floor windows hoping to catch a glimpse of something they shouldn't, it's nothing new to guys that like that watch. Even in public, things like upskirting as women get on escalators or climb stairs, the really naughty ones even take pics and post them online for others to enjoy their efforts. There is an appeal to watching someone that doesn't know they are being watched, someone that is just going about their routines while ones are watching them in their private moments.

Many times callers will relate experiences they've had where they were watching some woman they knew and she had no clue they were and they were just masturbating like fiends as they enjoyed the clandestine nature of it all. Bathroom windows are the most sought after, undressing for a shower, if there are clear glass doors, even seeing them shower, to rubbing lotion all over themselves once they are finished. Bedrooms can be even better, if they happen to catch a couple having sex and can get an up close view as they stroke themselves.

They are taking a risk though in doing these things, having the cops haul you away for being a Peeping Tom would be slightly embarrassing to say the very least. It can be fun to hear the unusual stories the callers tell us of their spying experiences, the naughty things they saw when no one knew they were watching at all. Many have jerked off as they watched neighbours go at it, hoping they'd get to finish before they were caught. Spying can in many cases be the only excitement some of these guys get, so they enjoy it tremendously.

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