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He asked if I had ever been pregnant

Some people find the pregnant body unattractive, swollen, unappealing and totally non sexy. For ones into pregnancy fetish though, it can be the absolute height of femininity and beauty and gets guys very horny. Some men are into impregnation, which honestly can be a very hot and intimate type of phone sex call, what after all could be more intimate than carrying around part of your partner for the better part of a year? The old song "Having My Baby" was about this kind of intimate connection.

Different guys like different stages of pregnancy, some are indeed only into the fertilization part and like to hear the words womb, seed, impregnate, it really turns them on. I recall the first call like that I had a few weeks after I started in this business years ago and the caller asked if I'd ever been pregnant and was I currently on any kind of birth control? I found that an odd thing to inquire about, but then soon realized this was his fetish, getting girls knocked up. Bareback and risky sex with no protection, the chancing of getting pregnant is a major turn on to many.

Others love their woman in the full bloom of pregnancy, swollen belly, enlarged breasts, perhaps even some milk in those breasts for them to nurse on, breast milk fetish is often intertwined in the fantasies of men into pregnancy fetish. Fir the most hardcore and into it, there's childbirth fetish, where these men are actually masturbating to videos of women giving birth, that is quite unusual and bizarre, but it does exist, so if that's what they want to talk about, well, why not. Most men fantasize about what's going in, not coming out.

The extra secretions and wetness that the ramped up hormones can provide can make oral sex even more fragrant and tasty than usual and some actually seek out mother's to be to date and have sex with, it's such a turn on. You do have to handle a woman more delicately of course, but women can have sex nearly right up to the point of delivery if they are comfortable to do so and many do have the increased sex drive due to surging hormones. Some will not feel that well or up for it, and an outlet like phone sex if your partner is pregnant and not feeling horny is an excellent and safe one to keep your own sex drive in line. Some ladies will be game for fun, others will be, hands off bucko, I'm not up to it! Pregnancy can be an enjoyable and sexy time for many couples, so relax and enjoy it!

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