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Quicksand, Balloon, Mirrors and Fruit

One that is not familiar with quicksand fetish might wonder how quicksand is sexy or arousing or has anything to do with sex in the first place. How can some poor, helpless woman sinking into a pile of quicksand out in the middle of nowhere be something you would think about when masturbating? It's true this is not your everyday fetish, and it's pretty niche, there's not tons of men into quicksand fetish, but they are out there and many like to talk about it that are in that small group that do find it arousing.

Many into it will just ask you to repeat phrases like, "I'm sinking in quicksand," or start at the feet and go up to the neck with progressive phrases like, "I'm up to ankles in quicksand, I'm up to my knees is quicksand," and so forth until you're up to your head and if they haven't cum yet, then you start back at the ankles and do it over again, it is a bit odd, but they do find a comfort in it. Most have no desire to rescue the lady going under, the last few gurgles of air to them is like the orgasm, the finale, the completion.

They search out quicksand scenes from old movies online to masturbate to and most into the fetish are older, since the peak of quicksand scenes in movies was the 1950's and 1960's, and they would see these dramatic scenes of struggle with damsels in distress in the years of their sexual awakening, and it left a lifelong impression on them. Many callers over the years will mention a scene in a particular movie that struck them in some way, quicksand or not, movies do play an important role in many men's fantasy lives and scenes are frequently brought up they have thought of again and again.

Some have even mentioned lifelong dreams of building their own backyard quicksand pits, thought who they'd be getting to go down into them remains to be seen, as it's rare for men into this fetish to want to sink down into it themselves. Ones into it are really into it and don't usually share the fantasy with ones in their lives since it's quite different and they know others would not understand it, so they usually keep it a total secret and just search out old clips online or forum boards for the topic, or call phone sex girls to discuss their fetish.

When you've been working on the phone sex lines long enough, you learn and hear about many odd fetishes and things you really do not come across in your everyday life. One of those fetishes is about balloons. They call themselves "looners" for short, and they find talking about and sexually playing with balloons to be quite arousing. Balloons could be similar to condoms in a way, some do place a half inflated balloon on their member and masturbate with it. Others like to see girls bouncing up and down on top of a giant inflated balloon, and when it pops, that is the equivalent of an orgasm, the big "pop."

Some people also really like to have sex in front of or masturbate in front of mirrors, that can be quite visually stimulating, almost like watching another couple, yet it's you and your partner. Masturbation in front of mirrors can be very exciting, you can get close up magnification mirrors and really see things from a different perspective than you would by not using them, they can really jazz up your visual competent to your sex life by using them once in a while. Ones really into them can even have mirrors above their beds. Callers do at times using mirrors with their partners for some variety.

One thing we phone girls often find comical is when callers reveal to us they are masturbating with fruits or vegetables, and this is actually fairly common. Ones have said they were using everything from carrots, apples, cucumbers, bananas, melons, all kinds of things. Many are afraid their wives or girlfriends might discover a sex toy they'd be embarrassed about, so they make do with a disposable vegetable or fruit and sometimes even warm it up in the microwave for a more warm and realistic sensation and they slide their member inside and that melon feels as good as a real lady when they get going and they can just toss it out with the mess inside and hop in the shower to clean themselves up of all the juices afterwards.

Many callers love small penis humiliation, and an offshoot of that is not only watching their women get pounded by a really huge manhood, but ones unrealistically large, like fifteen or sixteen inches. I doubt it would even be possible to actually accommodate such a beast, but some have these wild, larger than life fantasies of watching their women be stretched to the extremes of taking them all the way inside, many times by black men, with penises five times larger than their own. No one said fantasies had to be realistic, just fulfilling to the ones having them.

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