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Some religious callers demand blasphemy

Not a lot of callers are into religious blasphemy, but once in a while you will get one that is, usually from a deeply religious background. It makes it all the more taboo and forbidden for them to have you insult things that were made to be revered to them. Sometimes even men of the cloth themselves are ones seeking religious blasphemy phone sex. It's happened more than a few times to me and it's always comical when they say how their congregations would be shocked and horrified if they had any idea they were not only calling a sex line but to be taking the Lord's name in vain in such a degrading, sexual manner.

Their fantasies can be fairly mild, having sex in church as an example, hint - don't use the holy water, some have rinsed their sticky, cum covered hands in it, to full on orgies between the priests and the nuns, o Jesus himself doing unspeakable things at the church alter during a Sunday service. Oh all kinds of wicked things go through their minds and many will confess to masturbating in church to getting blow jobs from their girlfriends there during a service in a far off corner where they won't be seen. Things are not all sweetness and light in the house of the Lord!

Some have rewritten the lyrics to beloved religious hymns and they have become very perverted and crude and they truly get off on such things. One sex toy company even has created sex toys such as dildos and butt plugs in the shape of Christ on the cross and the baby Jesus. These sorts of toys are for the more hardcore religious blasphemer out there that really wants to slap the face of their alleged creator.

Others have the fantasy of having sex with the nuns themselves, or priests and being the one to defile them, in the church of course. Atheists of course seldom if ever have these sorts of fantasies, because it's all fairy tales to them and meaningless, it's the ones from the strict, religious households that are mired in this sort of scenario. Would you like to be called a sinner and a fornicator and blasphemer? Then obviously this sort of call is for you. Some operators that come from religious backgrounds themselves may not be comfortable with this sort of call, so ask them first. We atheists have a lot of fun with them, so get out your Bible and get ready to cum in the name of the Lord!

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