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Restraints could be fun?

Some kinds of sexual restraints could be fun, like your partner tying you up to the bedpost and teasing you, but some people like to just be the ones restrained, and in different manners. Some callers are into a fetish called mummification. Obviously one thinks of the Egyptian mummy's being wrapped up in bandages when you hear that term being used, but some of these callers like being wrapped up in blankets, or fabric, or even duct tape, which would be very horrible unless there was protection between the skin and the tape, your skin and body hair would be very brutally ripped off.

Some want their faces left exposed, often for ass worship, or smelly feet being run all over their faces and into their mouths. Some callers don't wish to be wrapped up, but a caller comes to mind that wants to have his wrists in shackles against a basement wall, just high enough that he cannot sit down, but he can kneel on his knees, which he wants dried grains of rice scattered on the floor he'd have to kneel on, so they would stick on his skin and make even kneeling very painful to do. The hands would go numb from the lack of circulation, it would not be a comfortable situation to be in at all.

Some have even mentioned stockades being used, a rather old fashioned means of restraints. Often to be accompanied by whipping across the back and shoulders, being punished has a great appeal for many callers, they crave abuse and pain in many different forms. Many that are being restrained also desire to be placed in chastity devices so there is no way they will be allowed to orgasm, denial to the extreme.

For some, restraint of the genitals is enough, they actually will have keyholders keep the keys to their chastity devices so they cannot unlock themselves. With clothes on, no one would even really know they had one on, but ones wishing to be shackled to a wall is a bit more extreme. One caller asked if I'd tie him to a bed, I said sure, that's fine, then he said for a long time, I assumed he meant maybe two hours, and then he replied at least a month! So people have different ideas of how long they want to be tied up or restrained for. So if you want to talk about being tied up, we will be happy to help you.

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