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Many have revealed same sex experiences.

Most would not even think that gay men call women on phone sex lines, but they do. Some are seeking approval from a female, especially an older one than themselves. Many have revealed same sex experiences to operators they never have to another living soul, and it's an honour in a way to be privy to their secrets. Some are married and do things with other men on the side and their wives have no clue about it and they are meeting up with guys they found online in random parking lots, it's quite dangerous some of the risks these men take in doing these risky behaviors.

One was telling me last night how he'd met some guy off an internet classifieds site in the personals section and he had always wanted to give oral sex to another man, and he just couldn't stop thinking about it, so he found this guy and was going to suck him off in the front seat of his car, he'd never even laid eyes on this person before and he was just going to suck him off. I am never shocked anymore at some of the things people confess to me.

So he met this random guy in the back of some parking lot, how romantic, and he gets in this guys car and the other man is already hard and masturbating when he gets in. They introduce themselves, no last names of course, and he liked the look of this man's bits, so he just leans over and takes it in his mouth and begins to lick it and suck on it. He was a bit shy at first, but he was soon hard as a rock as he was doing it and he even let this man cum in his mouth and he swallowed it.

He didn't feel comfortable masturbating in the man's car, so after the guy came, he left and drove home and masturbated and thought of the encounter that just happened. He said he wants to do it again, if not with that man, than another guy, he just knows he wants to suck more mean and this is a bigger turn on to him than anything he's ever done and he said he will be combing over the ads tonight and seeking out someone else that is looking for fun. I hear all kinds of things on these lines, they need to confess, it just makes them feel good to tell someone the secret things they have been up to.

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