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Callers fantasize about sex at the office.

One thing lots of callers fantasize about is sex at the office. Many bosses want to get it on with the secretaries, but of course in today's charged climate, they don't want sexual harassment charges either. Some mention girlfriends that have come over for a surprise lunch and they had a quickie in the office behind locked doors as the coworkers milled around outside and had no idea what was going on behind closed doors. That can be very hot when you're trying to keep quiet and not have anyone know what's going on in there.

One of the more popular roleplays is the boss that is going to have to cut back on staff and the poor girl he's going to have to let go is desperate to keep her job and well, of course he could keep her, but she's going to have to put out for him every night before he goes home, and maybe during the lunch break too. Having no other way to keep her job, she must agree or be out on the street with no income, no money, no anything. So over the desk she goes for some doggy style sex, or maybe under the desk she goes for some blow jobs as he takes his business calls.

There's plenty of office hanky panky going on, sex in the office is pretty common place. The bosses desk is one of the most popular places to get it on after hours, the poor sap not knowing that people have copulated on his desk in his absence, laughing about it behind his back. There's a real satisfaction in doing that, especially if you don't like him or he's a real bastard.

Being ridden in your office chair, your girlfriend's legs over the armrests, you gripping her ass cheeks as you sit there, only a closed door away from the other workers. So many desire their co workers but are worried if things go South, it could affect their jobs, so they pine away and fantasize about it rather than acting on it, these things are all very common discussions on phone sex calls. Office sex is a bit forbidden, since everyone knows their boss would be mad if they found out you were doing it there. Lots of callers have related stories of masturbation at the office, from in the bathroom to sitting right at their desk. All sorts of office shenanigans going on!

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