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One thing callers seem to fantasise a lot about is sex in public.

One thing callers seem to fantasise a lot about is sex in public, and getting caught, the risk of being seen by doing it, either having sex with their partner, or masturbating in public places that someone could walk in on them. Some men will go to great lengths to get off where someone could walk in at any moment. Callers have described masturbating everywhere from a restaurant, to the library to on a bus with a jacket over their laps! The cops would be hauling you away if you get caught doing that in a public place, so it's perhaps not the most wise choice of things to do. Being horny however, has been known to make common sense fly out the window.

A movie theatre is a common place on dates for couples to get a bit out of hand, often fondling one another when the lights go down and hope the usher with his trusty flashlight doesn't make a sweep of the aisle they are in. It doesn't just have to be an adult movie ones are attending that make them want to touch themselves or their partner that's sitting next to them. So many people are exhibitionists they love the idea of someone seeing them do such a thing in an inappropriate place.

Some callers like to masturbate in their cars and park them in parking lots or on a street and have people walking by witness them as they are stroking themselves. Many have called that are flashers as well, but that's a bit more deliberate, the ones hoping to get caught leave it to chance, the flashers are just exposing themselves on purpose. Oddly enough, one of the most common spots callers report flashing themselves is at the food court at the mall, often running to escape mall security guards once spotted, which doesn't take long in a food court.

The heightened states of arousal, the not knowing if this will be the time that someone spots them, making sex sounds, moaning, grunting, heavy breathing, all these will attract attention of ones nearby. Some just like to be listened to, like ones in hotels that are screaming their lungs out, banging the headboards against the wall with their powerful thrusts, they like knowing ones can hear them, they are even putting on a bit of a show. These exhibitionists all like attention, that is their goal above all else. So if you saw someone going at it in a semi public place would you stop to spy? I bet you would...

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