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It’s a sexual confessional of sorts

One thing many girls notice when they become an operator for the first time is many callers are using them as a sexual confessional of sorts. They like to share secrets with you they otherwise would keep to themselves, since they know their partners wouldn't approve or understand, especially things they may have done with members of the same sex. They can't tell their wife about how they stopped off at the glory hole on their way home from work since they were so craving another guy's load. They keep that to themselves, and then it builds up and builds up and they feel they must unburden themselves and who better to listen than a phone sex girl.

Perhaps they did something years ago in their youth they never shared with another person and they like being able to talk about it. They've been using the memory as fodder for their masturbatory fantasies for perhaps decades and to finally talk about it is a weight off of their shoulders. Many have thoughts that are very dark, that are best only as thoughts and never actually lived out and it can be amazing how much sharing that with another person can take it off their conscience.

Some don't necessarily have bad thoughts, but just odd ones they know their partners would never understand, so they tell the girls they call up for phone sex and many times we may have heard the same things from other callers, so you usually are not going to shock us. One man had an obsession with getting his blood pressure taken, nothing disgusting or perverted about that, but it is not your every day thing you'd think of being an arousing thing, but he wanted to talk about how much it turned him on and how he couldn't even trust himself to get his own cuff since he'd be doing it all the time, so he'd go into the pharmacy and have it taken once in a while. Very odd the things ones share with us.

Some people have no partner at all, and we are the only women in their lives they talk to on an intimate level. As incredible as it seems, talking to us really can be the highlight in their entire day, they have said that very thing. So we are not just someone to masturbate with, we can very well be their only connection to women in some cases. We are the friendly ear and shoulder you can turn to and confess to when you want us to be there for you.

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