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Shemales and trannies have been growing in popularity for years. Every year that goes by, we hear more and more men calling in to talk about their desire to have sex with a shemale. Some have visited shemales and want to talk about their experience, since they usually cannot share this with their friends. They might tell their friends about seeing one, but the secret of going to a shemale one is too private for most of them to talk about. They likely wouldn't have the opportunity to go out with one they'd meet in everyday life, since it's not that common a thing to see everyday, so getting one is a way they can get that experience and not worry about it interfering in their day to day life.

The desire of them to be with someone with a working male penis that looks like a lady, that's got breasts and wears makeup and has long hair and painted nails, to many it's considered to be the best of both worlds. The girl with a surprise. Many are introduced to the world of shemales via shemale and tranny porn, this often gets the mind working and thinking about what it might be like to have a person like that for real. Many callers have the desire to perform oral sex on another man, but they consider it gay, they can't accept doing that to a man that looks like an actual man, so if they find a tranny that looks like a woman but also has a penis, they can justify this in their mind that it's not really a man, that it's a "T Girl."

Many callers also have partners that have no desire for anal sex, and of course a tranny can certainly give them what they want there. One might think they want to dominate the tranny, but most calling wish for the tranny or shemale to be the one dominating them. It's an interesting and growing fetish, the ladyboy's they seek out that might be finely featured and slim and not manly in any way other than the fact they still have a penis. Many want to suck and explore and feel someone fill them up like they've never been filled up before. They want to get naughty and made to be the shemale's bitch, down on all fours and being submissive. If you'd like to talk about your shemale curiosities, by all means, give us a call and we can talk all about what you and a shemale would get up to given the chance!

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