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The Incredible Shrinking Man

Have you ever seen the old black and white classic movie, "The Incredible Shrinking Man," ? To men into giantess fetish, that movie and "Attack of The 50 Foot Woman," are two movies that had huge a impact on them. Men into giantess fetish can go either way, like those movies. Like in the first movie, they want to be shrunken down to varying small sizes, some want to be the size of a large insect, others six inches tall, some call themselves purse pets, so you could carry them around in your purse.

Many have elaborate fantasies where they watch t.v. sitting on your shoulder, being carried around in your pocket, live in a dollhouse you provide to them. Some want to like in the second movie mentioned, stay normal human size, but have the woman grow to huge sizes, being able to step over skyscrapers and be a literal giantess. It can be fun to tease the callers and tell them you'd let the cat go after them and chase them around like a living toy. Some have very odd ideas of being carried around in your bra, between your breasts, or even being inserted vaginally, like a tampon. I don't think one would live very long in an environment like that!

The perils of a home for one so small could indeed prove fatal for the purse pet. The large, human woman is their caregiver, without them they would surely perish fairly quickly. Although they are miniscule size in comparison, they like to be able to think about sexually satisfying a woman, crawling all over them, using both hands to caress her most intimate areas and hope they can get the job done, some way, some how. A living little sex toy.

Going around with the woman in their pocket or bra as the giantess goes on with their day, in secret view from others really seems to turn them on, that they are being carried around in their purse while they are at work, or going shopping, perhaps popping their tiny heads out of the bag to view their surroundings and at the same time avoid being seen by anyone else, the life of a purse pet is an unusual one. They like their women strong, superior and take charge. They enjoy their submissive role and are happy as long as they are cared for by their giantess Mistress.

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