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Small penis humiliation is by far one of the most popular calls.

Small penis humiliation is by far one of the most popular calls to a phone sex line. Many people are mystified by that, they wonder why someone would pay good money to have another person insult them, and insult them about something there's no chance they have of changing. Human sexuality is a strange thing, it doesn't need to make sense, and it often doesn't. What turns us on is many times triggered by long ago events, or even a traumatic event that had quite an unexpected impact, or even a scene in a movie, often times even a totally non sexual scene. The mind can create all kinds of ties to humiliation being appealing.

Some minority callers like racial humiliation, also making fun of them for something that they cannot change. It's odd how some like something many or even most, would consider hurtful and cruel, to make fun of someone for something they can't do anything about, but humiliation is wildly popular, and lots of times things we fantasize about don't need to make sense to turn us on. Many times fantasies we have, even if we had the chance to really make them happen, we'd not go forward with it. Thinking about things is one thing, acting upon it something else. Most fantasies are indeed best left in the realm of the imagination and not brought to life in reality.

Dominatrix's have made an entire career out of humiliating men who want to be belittled, whipped, spoken down to and outright abused. No one is holding a gun to their head to visit the sex dungeons, they are there because they want to be there, and while most callers will not have gone to a professional domme, they do like to be spoken down to on the phone to the point of even crying at times, and they can be men who in their real lives hold jobs of considerable power, like policemen, lawyers, doctors, politicians. The ones you'd least suspect would be led around on their knees in dog collars and spanked. Humiliation strikes a chord in many men and they crave it like a drug. A girl that can properly and effectively humiliate a man verbally will go far. Callers have even outright said to me I could earn more if I was meaner. I'm sure many have heard the old saying, "Treat them mean to keep them keen." Very true in a lot of cases. Men do love bitch's, no doubt about it.

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