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Small penis humiliation is one of the absolute most fun calls

Small penis humiliation is one of the absolute most fun calls for an operator to do. These little worms that call up with their tiny, little inadequate penises and cry, literally cry at times, because their lives have been ruined because of their small size. They have never in their lives been able to please a woman sexually. Some have learned how to satisfy a woman orally and it's a good thing they have that one skill, because often it's the only thing a woman will allow a man with a small penis to do to her. This group of caller often goes hand in hand and crosses over into the cuckold caller as well, since they know only another man will be able to give their woman true sexual joy in the bedroom.

Premature ejaculation is also usually a symptom, but there can be average and even large size men that are premature, in which case they too are utter failures in the bedroom. Some literally have nearly nothing, micro penis is an actual medical condition some of these poor bastards are born with and it's barely larger than the average woman's clitoris. It's sad really, there's nothing there but a nub, not enough to have sex or penetrate a woman with.

Many of these guys ultimately realize they would simply be better of trying to pleasure men, since to give a guy a blow job or let the other guy have sex with them, the size of their penis is irrelevant, so that's the path that many take. They know a woman isn't going to want them, no matter how handsome or how much money they make if they have a two inch penis, they are as useless as a eunuch. Some have cried and cried and lamented their lives being wasted due to the cruel trick Mother Nature played on them by shortchanging them, but no amount of money or operation can make them have a normal sized penis.

The tiny penis caller is indeed a sad fellow, often even turned down by escorts, laughed at, ridiculed. Soon, rejection is all they know and so it is familiar and then sought after. If they woke up tomorrow with an average size penis, they would truly be lost, they wouldn't know how to handle it. They think they want it, but in reality their world would be turned upside down and they wouldn't be able to cope, they really are pathetic.

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