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panties and smell

You might think who doesn't love a nice, clean, freshly showered partner to have sex with? Not everyone is looking for the squeaky clean partner. Some are into smells, strong, pungent and unwashed ones. One caller even mentioned a "three day unwashed fishy vagina." Now there's a colourful way of putting it. Napoleon apparently used to write to Josephine before he'd come back from battle and ask her not to wash for a few days, so this is by no means anything new. Ironic the French were so well known for their perfumes to cover up the unwashed body smells, since bathing was a rarity in those days, yet some preferred to skip the mask of perfume and go for the rip, unwashed body smells.

Fishy vaginas were not the only body parts that ones fixated on, on many calls there's man asking about "cheesy feet" and licking the cheese from between the toes, and some wanting to lick underarms. You do hear a great deal of unusual talk on these lines you'd otherwise not be privy to that can be quite educational to say the very least. There's so many panties that have been stolen that have been worn and encrusted with discharge and taken to masturbate with, you couldn't even count them if you tried.

The fact that they have been pressed right up upon a woman's most private areas is the thing that makes them the most intimate of garments a woman wears and drives the men insane as they stroke themselves with the silky, often times pungent panties. Some even want dirty panties. Some fetishists have even mentioned a bad breath fetish, now that seems truly heinous, can you imagine tongue kissing some brute with smelly, slimy teeth and breath that would kill a horse? Oh that is soooo wrong on so many levels.

And that brings us to the end, literally, the ass sniffers of the unwashed bottoms, and indeed there are ones that like to talk about dirty panties, sweaty, unwashed bums and all sorts of nastiness, but as long as both the people involved are up for it and into it, they aren't hurting anyone no matter how gross the rest of society might think of it. Fart fetish is sort of the same arena, they love to smell those rip farts, so before giving the men the oral sex ladies, load up on the beans and cabbage and onions, they will be awaiting those deadly puffs of air right up their nose as you sit on their face. If they pass out, oh well, they asked for it!

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