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He wanted to talk about his sneezing fetish.

A less common fetish some callers ask to talk about is sneezing fetish. There's one man that calls and you always know it's him, since when you pick up the phone, he asks, "What to you constitutes the perfect sneeze?" Most into this fetish equate the explosive sneeze to having an orgasm, something that's impossible to stop, and they love hearing a woman sneeze, but it's really difficult to sneeze on command. One can burp on command, which some into burp fetish certainly ask of you, and with a can of pop to drink from, it's not difficult to do that. A sneeze on the other hand is a different matter.

One caller years ago also into sneeze fetish asked me if I'd be willing to try and I was new enough to the phone sex business that I was more willing to humour such a request, so I even got some pepper and rubbed some in my nose. Big mistake. Not only was I not be able to sneeze, I had a burning, running nose for over an hour after I tried this little experiment. He appreciated my efforts, but try as I might, I could not incite a sneeze to happen.

It's the loss of complete control, you just try and stop a sneeze, you cannot do it. You might be able to make it more quiet and stifle it to a degree, but you cannot completely stop it and it's that loss of control they are after, like an orgasm. Many callers into this fetish are happy if you can make a fake sneeze that sounds real, that is good enough for most, since they know it's nearly impossible to be able to do it on command.

The callers even say they love when they are out in public and they can see a woman sneeze, since the expression on their face at the exact moment of sneezing is close to an "orgasm face", all contorted and out of control, much like when one is in the throes of orgasm. The things that turn us on are many times out of our control, triggered by long ago events that have had an everlasting effect on us. To some, that event of sneezing is just the ticket to send them into a frenzy, even though to most of us it seems a silly things to be thinking sexy in any way.

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