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Sexy Superheros

Some people really get into roleplay, costumes, the whole nine yards. Some like to actually dress up like Superheroes, like Superman and Wonder Woman. Over the years many callers have revealed they have even had their own custom made costumes made to order so they can really get into their fantasies. You are never really expecting a grown man to call up and say he's wearing his personalized Robin costume that was made to look like Batman's sidekick, yet it happens. One paid to have Wonder Woman and Cat Woman costumes for his Mistress he saw in real life.

Often times the beginning of a fetish has its roots way back in our years of sexual awakening and a trigger event will cause a fetish to start and continue on decades later even, although the original trigger even may not have been that significant in and of itself. Seeing reruns on television of old shows with Superheroes in costumes, being tied up and struggling with villains, to some that can have a sexual element, hard as it is for many to understand. Some lady Superheroes like Wonder Woman were indeed beautiful, powerful and strong, and many men that enjoy being dominated by a woman would naturally see these characters as sexually arousing and they would become the focus of their sexual fantasies.

The idea that some Superheroes also wear masks to conceal their everyday identity is to some very sexy, the masked man or woman can add that sexy element of secrecy to a fantasy, many like the blindfold as a sexual accessory. Cosplay fans have full fledged conventions to celebrate their love of getting dressed up. Many make their own costumes, some buy ready made ones, others can get someone like a seamstress to make a custom fitted costume just for them.

Several people have called over the years that are dressed up in outfits like this and asked if I'd seen reruns of the old Batman show where someone was tied up and struggling to get free. Especially if there was something like a bomb involved and they had limited time to get rescued, to them the bomb going on can be analogous of an orgasm, and they can put a sexual spin on an otherwise perilous situation most wouldn't even see as remotely sexy. People come up with very odd ideas at times of what they consider sexy. It's all harmless, if that's what makes them happy, encourage them to go for it.

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