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He and his wife had recently gotten into swinging.

A caller last night asked me if I'd ever been into the swinging lifestyle. I can't say that I have, so I replied no. He said he and his wife had recently gotten into it and were quite happy with the excitement it had brought into their marriage. He has an insatiable sex drive and likes to masturbate a lot, even though they play frequently with others and have sex as a couple as well. So he calls me several times a month to tell me of his latest sexual adventures and their swinging.

They usually just swap with another couple, and not go in for large groups or anything, but it spices up their time together to talk about how much they enjoyed having sex with the other people. He's usually stroking himself as he describes in graphic detail what it was like to have sex with another woman while laying beside his wife as she was riding the husband. They even like to hold hands as they are doing it and enjoy the ones they are having sex with as they are looking into one another's eyes. It's not for everyone, but he's not the only caller that's mentioned swinging over the years.

Some have gone to the full blown conventions these swinging groups have and are involved in very large groups of dozens of people, full blown orgies really. Most though seem to like to keep things to a few different couples they play with and rotate amongst. It can certainly enhance your sex life if jealousies can be controlled and you like variety in your sex life. They have higher sex drives than average it seems, the ones into it, so it's only natural they also like to call for phone sex and masturbate a good deal as well.

Sharing their swapping stories can be entertaining to listen to, especially when they find and approach a new couple that is usually taken off guard, it can be a bit humorous. Many people call phone sex lines to talk about their experiences, not just their fantasies. They usually cannot tell their friends about these sorts of things, so it's good for them to have someone to call and share these things with. Phone sex girls hear all sorts of things, so maybe if you've had experiences with swinging and it arouses you to talk about them, give one of the ladies here a call and we can talk all about it!

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