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My boyfriend and I went to a swingers club.

Swing, Baby - My boyfriend and I are rather adventuresome sexually, we have sex practically every night, and I never tire of it. He has a bit more of a varied sexual past than I do though and a few weeks ago he brought up something I'd not thought of before. He said he and a former girlfriend of his had dabbled in the swinging scene for a while and he really enjoyed it. He said he felt monogamy was for the most part unnatural, but it can really tear a relationship apart to be fooling around on someone behind their back, brings up all sorts of jealousies and trust issues, which of course is true. So they felt being open about things and being with other people in each other's presence was the way to go, be totally open about it and have nothing to hide, so they started by going to sex clubs.

Girlfriend Sharing - He was a bit unsure at first how he might perform in front of his girlfriend, but he soon lost all his inhibitions and was able to really enjoy the swapping scene. They soon found that clubs were not for them though, and they found an exclusive, smaller club with a few dozen regular, paying members that suited them more. He asked if I'd be open to such a scene and I was curious as soon as he brought it up, and I said I'd be willing to at least go to such a party and see what it was like, so he called up the old place he used to go and they said they had a gathering the next evening if we wanted to attend.

Sex Party - We got there and there were people in various states of undress, some totally naked and having sex in corners of the room, on sofas, on the floor, against the wall, and others totally dressed and just conversing, like at any regular party. Along with music in the background, you could hear moaning, grunting, heavy breathing, all the sounds of sex. My eyes were taking it all in and my boyfriend ran into some members he knew from before and introduced me. They seemed nice enough and right away the husband came on to me and asked if I'd like to go into one of the rooms. My boyfriend said it was fine, go have fun, he'd likely be in soon.

Voyeurism - The room had two double beds in it and I was soon on one of them being kissed and fondled. I'd only met this man and he hand his tongue down my throat and his hand caressing me over my panties and I was getting wet, there was no denying it. The door opened and my boyfriend and another woman came in and he sat on the edge of the bed as she knelt on the floor in front of him and reached up and unzipped his pants and took out his hard member. I was watching this as I felt my nipples being sucked on and kisses down my tummy and onto my juicy pleasure zone. He peeled my panties off and began to lick me and expertly at that, and it felt out of this world fantastic, and it didn't seem odd as I looked over and saw my boyfriend being sucked off two feet away from me as he made this busty blonde gag on him as he thrust down her throat.

Going All The Way - My new friend climbed on top of me and entered me, he wasn't overly large, but he was more than big enough to feel good. My boyfriend smiled over at me as he withdrew himself from the blonde's mouth and got on his back on the bed and she straddled him and she didn't even bother undressing, she just pulled the crotch of her panties off to the side and sunk down onto him and started to ride him hard, grinding against him. I could feel my own new friend pumping into me and it felt great, I wrapped my legs around him and was very much enjoying myself.

A New Beginning - I felt myself getting closer and closer to orgasm and I looked over at my boyfriend and saw him cum inside the woman he was with and she collapsed on top of him and they slowly kissed. I then came myself and screamed loudly as I did. I felt him squirt inside of me and my boyfriend was so turned on watching me get taken by another man only a few feet away from him. We soon straightened up and didn't stay too much longer, but it was a very fun and unexpected evening, and one I think we will be repeating. I think I could absolutely see myself and my boyfriend getting into this swingers scene, this was just the beginning. I look forward to it.

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