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Many callers express interest in getting together with a shemale, but they either live in a smaller city where they simply do not know where to find any, or they are too intimidated even if they live in a bigger city to try and approach one, but the fantasy is there. Some have taken the plunge and gotten themselves a shemale escort, but for many, it remains an elusive fantasy only, never to actually be realized for one reason or another. So like many fantasies in that realm of imagination and never going to be reality, they like to talk about it, or at least find a "T-Girl" as they call them, on the phone and speak with one.

Sometimes the fantasy would be better than the reality anyway. They may fantasize about performing oral sex on a shemale, but if actually presented with someone's manhood right in their face and told to open wide, the desire might disappear right there, it's the idea of it in many cases, but some have absolutely gone all the way. Some want a submissive shemale, others they wish for to be dominant with them, others still are switches, and wish to do all things to the shemale and have the shemale do all things to them, totally reciprocal on all accounts.

The package of looking like a woman, yet actually having all the "working parts" of a man seems to be the best of both worlds to many. They truly do not consider the shemale a man because they have fake breasts and wear makeup and women's clothes, they staunchly deny they want to have sex with a man. It's a comical argument to be sure, and it's fun to get them going debating it, some do like the humiliation of being called names, and that's fun to do in these circumstances.

Many men enjoy being mocked for their deviant desires, that's why it can be so fun calling them little worms, sissies, all kinds of things. They give you plenty of opportunity to make fun of them. Shemales can dominate them in a way no woman can, even a strap on is not the same as the real equipment. Many men into shemales though do gravitate towards dominant women and they are submissive to them, they are submissive to most people. They can be perplexing creatures for certain. Have you been craving that special girl with a surprise up under her skirt? Have you already been with one and want to share how it went? Let's hear all about it.

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