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The Four Favourite Styles of Lingerie That Our Babes Adore

Does seeing a woman in lingerie really turn you on? Our babes love getting around in sexy lingerie while we chat with you about our kinkiest fantasies and desires! Here are our favourite 4 styles of lingerie.

1. The Innocent Angel

A pure white lacey look screams ‘sexy innocence’. A white bra and G-string set with delicate lacey details; some of our babes even like to complete the look with a set of angel wings to get into the spirit of innocence! Often this look is paired with a set of pure white stilettos for that sexy, playful touch.

2. The Feminine Goddess

Our babes are already feminine goddesses! But they love to accentuate their feminine appeal with a stunning pink look that brings out their womanly side even more. A beautiful pink corset paired with a matching G-string and a pink see-through gown to show off their gorgeous bodies is just what our babes love to wear while they share their deepest desires with you.

3. The Naughty Devil

The naughty devil look helps our babes get into a very dirty mood, so they can tell you about all their naughty sexual experiences. Red and black are the perfect combination of sexy and powerful, and sometimes even a pair of devil horns! Our naughty devils can’t wait to have hot phone sex with you right now!

4. Leather Dominatrix

Our dominating, seductress babes just love the feeling of leather on their skin! A leather bodysuit is adored by many of our babes when they are in the mood for some punishing, yet pleasing phone sex.

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