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The Natural Versus Fake Breast Debate

It’s a debate that’s been happening since breast implants became a ‘thing’. We know many women care about the size of their breasts, hence the steady rise in the popularity of implants, but do men really care?

Natural Breasts
Some men prefer natural breasts, no matter their size or shape. In a world where so many things are fake or enhanced these days, there seems to be a strong appeal for keeping things as natural as possible - the way nature intended. Natural breasts have a look and feel that is nearly impossible to achieve with implants and many men state that this is why they prefer real over fake.
There are also those who prefer real breasts when they are large but prefer implants if they are on the smaller side.

Fake Breasts
Fake breasts most definitely have their appeal and lots of men love the way they look! Whether they are on the more natural looking side or completely over-the-top large and fake; there are men out there who love a nice, fake pair!

Many Men Simply Don’t Care
It’s true! Lots of men really don’t care whether a woman’s breasts are real or fake, big or small. It comes down to other things like a good personality, a hot body, a pretty face or a dirty mind. A combination of a few usually doesn’t go astray.

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