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The Top Australian Male Sexual Fantasies

Do you know that men think about sex twice as much as women? But what are they actually thinking and fantasising about? Here are the top Australian male fantasies!

1. Giving & Receiving Oral Sex
The most common sexual fantasy for Aussie men is giving and receiving oral sex. Some men just like receiving, others really, really enjoy giving and some simply enjoy both. It’s not hard to see why this is the most common sexual fantasy, oral sex can be a whole lot of fun!

2. Having Sex with 2 Women
Having a threesome with two women is a sexual fantasy lots of men have from a young age. The idea of having not one, but TWO beautiful women in bed, ready and waiting to please you is certainly a dream come true for most men! Have you had a threesome with 2 women? Why not call our babes and tell them all about your experiences!

3. Having Sex with Someone Other Than a Partner
There is a certain taboo about having sex with someone outside of a relationship. It’s less about ‘cheating’ and more about doing something naughty and taboo. We find a lot of men play out this fantasy with our babes on the phone. It’s a great way to stay faithful but still fulfill your fantasies!

4.Having Sex in an Unusual Place
Have you ever had sex in public? Anywhere you shouldn’t? If so, you can probably understand why having sex in an unusual place is a top fantasy for Australian men.

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