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Tickling can also come into play when it comes to the foot fetishist.

With foot fetish being the most popular fetish out there, there are a lot of calls that deal with this topic. Often the caller will begin the call by asking if I'm wearing polish on my toenails and if so what color? I do always have polished toes, and only use red on them, that also seems to be their favourite as well. Warm weather brings out the flip flops and the strappy sandals, it's a feast for the eyes as soon as men see all those sexy bare feet on display. Sometimes all the bare feet or feet in revealing footwear is honestly too much for their systems to handle, and they need to go home and masturbate once they think about all those naked feet.

With all the online shopping sites for shoes, they become like virtual porn for ones into foot fetish. Thousands of pics of feet for them to masturbate to and drool over. Men will often see some woman when they are out and about on errands and something about the woman will strike them a certain way, these men are the same, but it will be a certain pair of shoes they see on a woman or her feet that have this effect on them.

Some callers think maybe their foot fetish is not ok, they are very worried how a partner might react if they knew about their fixation on feet and I reassure them that it's a normal and tame fetish to have and most women would not have any problem with it, but they do get concerned. Of all the fetishes a guy could reveal he has, this one would be the most acceptable to me, but some are just natural worriers about all things.

Some callers love repetitious phrases spoken over and over, like the words feet, foot, bare feet, all kinds of variations. Tickling can also come into play when it comes to the foot fetishist, right down to foot stockades to stop the lady from being able to stop them from the tickle torture. It's an innocent kind of naughtiness, and one with a lot of different followers and variety. Not all feet are sexy or good looking by any means, so it's only certain kinds of feet that will grab their attention in the first place. So do you have a foot fetish? Would you like to talk about that with one of our phone sex gals and talk all about the lovely, naughty things you'd like to do with her feet? We're betting you do!

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