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He told me he was too small and way too fast.

This caller last night was actually crying and I asked what the matter was and he said his whole life could have been different if only he'd been born with an average sized penis. He wasn't even asking for a big one, just average. Doesn't seem too much to ask for in life, but it had been one humiliating incident after the other for him his entire life. Girls laughing at him and telling their girlfriends about it if they saw him naked, boys laughing and making him feel like a sissy if he'd been seen in the locker room, it was just all too much.

To make matters worse, as is the case with many men of a small nature, he was also a premature ejaculator, so the few women he had been able to convince to sleep with him, once things got going so to speak, they ended about thirty seconds later. A few thrusts and he was done, leaving the woman unsatisfied and many times angry at his pathetic performance. I said well, there's nothing you can do to increase the size, that's true, but you can train yourself out of being a premature ejaculator, but most men honestly can't be bothered to try.

They think an apology should suffice, they really don't want to put the work in. So like the rest of the women in his life before me, I too started to laugh at him and tell him what a loser he was and that he deserved their scorn and ridicule for being an utter failure as a man. He then started to cry again, but I think a dose of "tough love" is what he needed to get back on track, if that's even possible. Many men that are under endowed learn to be experts at going down on a woman, since that is at least one talent they can master and feel proud of themselves for, but they also know that will likely be the extent of their sexual relationship with a woman, unless once in a blue moon they are tossed a bone of sexual charity.

The options for a small penised man are limited ones. Many of them know and accept this, and do ok with allowing their women to see another man on the side, accepting oral is their main sexual contact, or just sticking to masturbation. Nature is not always kind, and some literally just get the short end of the stick and have to make due with what they were given. It doesn't mean it's fair, it's just how it is though.

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