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He said he was changing into a donkey.

Last week a man called and I didn't think I'd heard correctly when he said something. His voice was quite muffled and he said he was "changing". I thought his voice was muffled because he was changing and getting undressed getting ready to be naughty, but then he informed me he was changing into a donkey. Surely he hadn't said that, so I asked him to repeat himself and indeed, he stated he was changing into a donkey. He stated his ears were stretching and his body was getting hairier by the minute. I didn't quite know what to say to such a statement. Then to cap it all off he started to bray and make donkey sounds.

I intentioned this to another operator and she said there was a scene like that in the movie Pinnochio, and it had been so many years since I'd seen it, I checked it out online and indeed there was such a scene. Callers many times have what we call "transformation fantasies" but more often than not, it's men imagining they are turning into women, that is more common than one would think. They imagine they are growing breasts, long hair, long nails, hips, literally transforming into a woman. Things from movies though absolutely have strong effects on callers.

Many callers over the years have either mentioned scenes in a certain movie or sent a link for me to watch the scene in particular, and it can be totally non sexual, it's just something that had a real reaction in them and that they cannot stop thinking about. Ones have sent me links to everything from "Ghostbusters" to "Batman", it's odd how one scene will have such a strong effect one someone's fantasies even decades after they first saw it. Obviously this man imagining he was being transformed into a donkey did something to him that he found special in some way.

Some imagine turning into mythical creatures, others just the woman they have always felt they really were inside. Sometimes the transformation comes about by wishing, other times a pill or magical potion must be consumed for the magic to really begin, it's different for different people. Programs like "The Incredible Hulk" where a seemingly normal man morphs into another creature entirely absolutely have an effect on some men and they too wish they had such transformative abilities to change themselves into something totally different than who and what they really are.

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