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He was a true exhibitionist!

This new apartment I've moved into is right across from another apartment and you can see things that go on if you look, and most people are aware of that and try to close their shades before undressing or having sex, but this one man across the way, he obviously doesn't care about being discreet, since he sunbathes in the nude right on his balcony. I'm surprised no one's told him not to do that, but I guess he figures he's paid a lot for that unit and he's going to do what he wants on his own balcony. He's right in plain view, I asked another building tenant about it and she knew exactly who I meant, her unit is right next to mine and she's seen him as well.

I sort of put it aside, since I don't wish to start any neighbour wars, but I was doing some work on the balcony planting some flowers and happened to look up and he was not only sitting there on his chaise lounge in the nude, which didn't faze me anymore, but he was masturbating, plain as can be. I did a double take when I noticed him stroking up and down and he then could see me standing there and looking at him and he even waved at me with his non stroking hand! I went back inside and called my friend in the unit next to me and she went to look and she said she'd seen it before, he was a true exhibitionist.

It was an adults only building and a lot of seniors actually, that likely didn't have as good eyesight to even see it as clearly as I could, but that's a bit nervy really, masturbating on your balcony. Oh well, who knows who else is watching him or even taking pics or making a recording of it that might upload it to the internet and cause him some embarrassment over it, but he's a grown up, he knows in today's world these things can absolutely happen yet he persists in stroking himself where anyone on that side of the building can see it. I ran into him in a coffee shop near our buildings and he walked over with a smile on his face if you can believe it and asked how my plants and flowers were doing on the balcony. I didn't even know what to say to that, so I just walked out. Some people are odd, that's for sure.

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