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Sexy university student baby sitter

One of the most popular fantasies guys call in about is the naughty babysitter. The young university student sitter that looks after their kids that the wife trusts. Sometimes the fantasy is they come home early and catch the babysitter entertaining her boyfriend on the sofa after the kids are put to bed and they come home a bit early and chaos ensues. The boyfriend runs out and the babysitter is going to have to entertain daddy or he will tell her parents what she's been getting up to.

Other times on the ride home things take a naughty turn and they pull off down a side road and the babysitter gets very naughty with the middle aged daddy going down on him in the front seat, giving him a juicy blow job he will not soon forget, and then they might get in the backseat and have some hot, passionate, forbidden sex, that turn into regular rendezvous every time he drives her home after he and the wife get home. Many times the clueless wife gives the babysitter even more access to her home and the husband takes full advantage of the naughty uni-student that so loves older men, especially married ones!

Lots of babysitters will wear low cut tops and short skirts to bend over in front of the husband and entice them, some getting extra tips for such antics. One guy that called told how his babysitter seduced him and then blackmailed him, threatening to tell his wife if he didn't give her hefty tips to keep quiet about it, he was mad on one hand, but on the other was having better sex than he had in years, since his wife hardly had sex with him anymore, so blackmail or not, he was having fun with the babysitter. Things like this go on all the time, and people have no idea, they confess stuff like this to phone sex babes since they surely can't tell their wives about these sorts of secrets!

Lots of young ladies of course babysit to earn money for university, but the more naughty and resourceful ones have things like this going on on the side to really make money with, and they get to have fun as well, and these middle aged, sex starved men are easy marks. They haven't had attention in so long, it's like taking candy from a baby getting these men into situations like these. The young, nubile sitter that pays them a bit of attention is flattering and their egos get inflated, then the crafty babysitters move in for the kill and some easy money, you'd be surprised how many stories like this callers tell us, the things going on in suburbia, it's like a soap opera many would hesitate to believe.

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