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He called to tell me about the university student.

This one caller told me about an experience the other night he had when he came home a little early and the babysitter was doing something she shouldn't. He'd mentioned her on calls before, how pretty she was, this young university student. He came home and she was in the middle of his bed watching his large screen t.v. that was on the porn channel and he came home an hour earlier than he'd thought he'd be. She was masturbating on his bed and he just stood there watching her.

She finally saw him and was embarrassed at being caught like that but he tried to tell her it was ok, but she really shouldn't let it happen again. He hadn't been able to stop thinking about the incident and he was considering making a move on her and he didn't know what to do. Babysitters can often feed the fantasies of middle aged men that feel they are beyond their sexual prime and the youth of the young ladies makes them wish they too were that young and filled with promise again.

He was masturbating as he told me about this little scenario he'd walked in on, describing how she'd looked writhing there on the bed, what she was watching on the screen, some lesbian porn. He'd had no clue that was an interest to her and did I possibly think she was bi to be watching such stuff as she masturbated? Oh his questions were plentiful about what I thought of the situation. Many times people are in our home doing things they shouldn't if we are not there, or if they are working in another room type of thing.

He wondered if she'd done it before, chances are she had, this was just the first time she got caught. Even if he never sees so much as a nipple of hers again, this has left a long lasting impression on him for sure. Have you ever seen something like this with someone you'd fantasized about? Did you act on it, or mention it to the person, or play dumb and let it slide but still thought of it often? We'd love to hear about it. No doubt we have heard many types of scenes that our callers have stumbled upon. It always helps to share your thoughts with others.

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