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Shy and still a virgin

One thing many wouldn't consider when they think about ones that call a phone sex line is some of the men can be shy and socially awkward with women and may not have much real life experience. Somehow it's a lot easier and less confrontational if they are talking to a lady on the phone rather than the face to face pressure they may feel one on one if at a bar or a party or some other social situation. One thing some callers reveal to us is they are in fact still virgins. They have tried to connect with women, but for whatever reason, things have just never worked out, yet they still seek some sort of sexual intimacy with a woman. Phone sex can sometimes be that answer for them.

It's not just university age lads that are making such confessions though, even some men into their sixties have never had luck with women and are too shy to even consider going to an escort, so they look at phone sex as a way they can still get some closeness with a woman as they masturbate. Many times they would have never had a real, live woman hear them masturbate and climax, so to them a gal on the phone is as good as they are going to get if they have decided they cannot go to an escort.

Some have revealed it's because they have such a small penis they know no woman would have them, they have nothing to offer a woman. Others it's just they are unattractive or simply shy. It's sad really, since every human being deserves some love and physical affection, but there are absolutely some in this world that slip through the cracks and never seem to get anyone, no matter how briefly. Ones afraid to seek comfort from escorts can be everything from paranoid about catching a disease to being caught in a police sting, so phone sex is something they feel comfortable and secure in turning to.

Adult virgins need not worry about revealing that to us, we have heard it many times before and are glad that you turn to us for some sexual excitement. It's always better to share your masturbation experience rather than just do it alone with no interaction with another person. Not all of us are whip cracking Mistresses, some of us are fairly tame and vanilla in our personal lives and enjoy a nice girlfriend experience call and help you enjoy yourself as you masturbate. Don't be shy, give us a call and see how much better a shared orgasm can be.

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