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Voyeurism is always popular with the guys

Most men love to watch. Voyeurism is very popular, and usually when the woman doesn't know she's being watched. Peeping Tom's have always been around, but in today's world of cell phone cameras, it's easier than ever to spy on someone without them having any idea at all. So many callers will mention fantasies of spying on a neighbour or a coworker and masturbating as they watch her undress or shower or imagine looking through their window and they were clueless as to what was happening.

Some have told fantasy tales of when they were younger and living at home how they'd have made a small hole into the guest room and watch as whoever was staying there was getting ready for bed or changing clothes and they'd be masturbating like fiends as they watched and the person had no clue they were being viewed and masturbated to. Upskirt websites are popular, girls out and about in shorter skirts have pics taken all the time as they are walking up stairs, riding escalators, all kinds of situations when they are out shopping or bending over and out comes a cell phone, then the guy goes home later and jerks off to the pics and then uploads them online for others to view.

Porn is too easy, the people in it knew they were being filmed, true voyeurs want ones not to know they are being watched, that's the thrill of it to them. Some are so addicted to watching, they fantasise if they are workmen or a tradesman in people's homes, they can even slip a tiny camera in their home and have a direct feed into whatever room they put it in just to watch them as they get off. Ladies rest rooms and locker rooms are easy targets for ones that like this sort of fetish fantasy. So many call and tell of women they wished they had spied on at one time or another and how arousing they thought it was.

Callers look to phone girls many times to confess naughty things they think about and can't share with anyone else. So be careful! If you drop your purse in a store and bend over to pick it up and are wearing a short skirt, you just might be online in a couple of hours or less showing the world your goods without even knowing it.

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