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There is a reason for Voyeurs

There are many different types of voyeurs, most of course like to watch as people either have sex and do not know they are being watched, or ones that like to watch people masturbate and of course they also do not know they are being observed. Some people that either live with roommates in places that have thin walls or ones that are on business trips frequently in hotels are often privy to listening to other people have sex. Many times the sounds get them so aroused they will be masturbating at the same time, as the couple puts on a show for them they are not even aware of.

Sex sounds go back to the days of the caveman, and it was usually the woman's cries that were the loudest and there is an evolutionary reason for that, that continues to this day even though we have evolved far beyond the caveman. When a woman is screaming and moaning loudly, it would alert the other nearby cave dwelling men that a will and possibly fertile woman was in mating mood, and the shrieks of ecstasy would let them know if they followed the sounds, they too might get lucky. Seems silly in today's world, but when you've been in a hotel and heard such noises, it's usually the lady you hear, isn't it?

It can be thoughtless in any sort of a public area to carry on and be so uninhibited, but many times we cannot help ourselves and let loose with our natural sounds that come so easily to us when things feel oh so good. The sounds could also trigger a man to have an orgasm when he was having sex and the female became particularly animated sounding, so there are biological reasons for all the hooting and hollering that we continue with to this day.

Haven't you ever pressed your ear against a wall to get a better listen as a couple made love on the other side of the wall? You likely have, it can be very arousing to listen to another couple go at it and just as normal to masturbate along with them and usually they;d have no idea anyone was even listening, or they may not care that they are making noise at all. Sounds can instantly set your loins aflame with desire, just the right moan, just the right voice, yes, it's very hot to listen in to another's sexy sounds.

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