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Wet & Messy - Remember 9 1/2 Weeks?

What is wet and messy? Well, we all know wet and messy is good sex, but for ones into sploshing, it really means a bit more than that. These are enthusiasts that really love to get food involved in their sexual exploits. A caller once said he wanted someone to pour baked beans and wieners down his pants! Imagine ladies sitting on top of a beautiful, frosted cake as they wear a skimpy bikini bottom, or even totally nude as it squishes messily between their legs and outwards, or pouring a gallon of milk all over themselves as it runs down their nude body, or sometimes clothed, and soaks them through to the skin.

Pouring bowls of custard or oatmeal over their heads and watching as it drips down their body. Sploshing is a very harmless, but truly messy fetish that some people have. Some men love the idea of a formally dressed woman getting smashed with dozens of messy pies. It does sound a bit like a scene out of The Three Stooges, but there are absolutely men getting off on watching pretty, perfectly made up and beautifully dressed women getting covered in buckets of messy, gooey foods.

Many people have seen the eighties classic, "Nine and a Half Weeks", with the messy, yet sexy, scene in front of the refrigerator, complete with spears of sticky honey getting spread all over the insides of the lead female's inner thighs, milk running down her body and getting sprayed with champagne before some hot sex on the kitchen floor, so adding some messy food scenarios to your lovemaking routine can make things take a fun turn, so long as you're prepared for the cleanup afterwards.

Some men that are fans of cam will pay cam girls handsomely for a personalized clip of this nature. Ones on the phone might be smearing all kinds of stuff over themselves, or like to imagine the girl they are talking to doing these sorts of things. It's not a fetish you are likely to hear about frequently, but it can be entertaining when you do and a caller is asking you to describe being dressed up to the nines in some fancy attire as all of a sudden the cherry and blueberry pies start flying and you are left a brightly coloured mess, just as they cum from envisioning all of this silliness. Pouring some pudding down your pants has never been so much fun before as during phone sex!

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