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Where are you calling from?

Most would assume callers are calling from their home, some their office, but callers get the urge to masturbate all over the place, from their cars, to public bathrooms, to dressing rooms in the mall. The risk in and of itself can be very arousing to most guys, thinking they could be caught at any moment, by a security guard, a store clerk, all kinds of people that might interrupt them at any moment before they get to their orgasm. For some people risk holds no appeal whatsoever, they will do anything to avoid being caught or embarrassed, from wait until roommates leaves, to family goes asleep, they just have no interest in getting caught. To some though it is the height of excitement.

There have been many times over the years when during a call someone walked in and you hear something like, "What the hell are you doing here?" Then the line is hung up. It's amusing in a way, but not for the ones involved, but then they should have made sure the coast was clear before beginning their "Me time." Some have even called and been whispering while their wife is asleep in bed beside them and they will say she's a sound sleeper. It's unreal the scenarios you get to be a party to while fielding calls like this.

You never know what's going to be on the other end of the call. Risk can heighten things for sure, make it all more intense and the orgasm more powerful. The ones that call from the office, if their boss ever found out, their job could literally be on the line. Unless they are the boss, and that happens too. Some have the door cracked open and are watching their secretaries as they play with themselves under their desk if they have the hots for her.

Being horny can absolutely lead us to not the wisest decisions, so try and think before you stroke, things could get awfully embarrassing if you were walked in on. Guys that are using inappropriate items to masturbate with anally and end up in the emergency room when things go awry are in for even worse embarrassment, and callers say all the time they are using everything from cucumbers to candles. Choices, even ones about masturbation, can have consequences, very embarrassing ones, do masturbate wisely, lock your doors, make sure you have the proper toys and adequate privacy before you pick up that phone.

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