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Why Nothing You Say Will Shock Our Babes

At Babes HQ, when we say, “we’ve heard it all”, we mean it. You would be forgiven for assuming that it’s just a figure of speech, but the truth is- we really have heard it all! We have chatted with men and women of all ages about almost anything you can imagine.

That’s why nothing is off limits and you can chat to our girls about anything!

This aspect of phone sex is why so many Australian men (in particular) call our live adult sex line, often on a regular basis. It’s the perfect way to express your sexuality freely, without fear of judgment and from the safety and comfort of your own home- or wherever you decide to call from.

We understand that everyone has different sexual fetishes, some more taboo than others. So, whether you’re into role-playing, group sex, power dynamics, BDSM, risky sex, voyeurism or anything beyond that spectrum, you can bet we’ve heard it and whatever you say won’t shock us!

When you call Babes HQ, you also get the added benefit of complete discretion and anonymity. That’s something that you really can’t get anywhere else, other than online. Phone sex is always better than chatting online though, as you actually get to speak to someone. Hearing the girls sexy voice on the other end of the line will help you to feel connected and make your encounter much more intimate.

Say whatever you want, let us know what you want to hear back, and all your sexual desires can come to life.

Hot phone sex with our babes will allow you to let go of all your inhibitions and hang-up’s and will enhance your masturbation experience more than you could ever imagine!

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