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Why Our Babes Love Chatting One-On-One with Our Callers

What’s the point in doing something if you don’t enjoy it? All our babes absolutely love and enjoy chatting one-on-one with our callers, no matter their age or experience.

We Love Hearing Your Stories

We get lots of callers who simply want to tell us all the naughty sexual experiences they’ve had throughout their life. The stories we hear are often very detailed and descriptive, which of course we encourage. We also get lots and lots of confessions too! If you need to get something off your chest, call our babes… we won’t judge!

There’s Real Intimacy with Phone Sex

Believe it or not, phone sex can be a highly intimate experience. We find our callers feel completely comfortable talking to our babes and often end up being open and vulnerable which is a great way to create intimacy and connection. Our babes get enjoyment and fulfilment from that, sometimes as much as our callers do!

We Love Helping

Whilst our babes are not counsellors by any means, there are some similar elements to their work. We get lots of callers who have just come out of relationships and need someone to chat or vent to, just to get things off their chest. Our babes are the right girls for the job!

Yes, Sometimes We Get Off Too!

Hot, kinky phone sex isn’t just amazing for our callers, on many occasions, our babes get off too! We love those sexually charged calls where the phone sex is as mind-blowing for our babes as it is to you.

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