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Why Some Men Love Being the Submissive to a Goddess

In most relationships, there is typically one partner who is more dominant and one who is more submissive. For some, it may be very subtle and for others, more extreme. So why do some men love being the submissive to their ‘goddess’?

Role Reversal
It’s quite common for men in a position of power and authority to switch to a more submissive role in the bedroom. Why? Because being in charge all the time can be draining and changing over into a submissive state in the bedroom and via phone sex can be the perfect way to let go of all that pressure and fully submit to their goddess.

Power play is a common sexual kink. Being bossed around, told what to do and having a woman completely take charge can be a massive turn on for some men! If you are unsure whether being submissive is a kink for you or not, a great way to find out is by calling Babes HQ and exploring that part of your sexuality with one of our babes!

Being submissive to a woman may seem like the opposite thing to empowering but in actual fact, many men find it very empowering! Sometimes, there can be a need to please their dominant goddess and by doing so, they gain a great sense of empowerment and self-worth.

Power play can be a great trust building act with a sexual partner. Fully submitting and putting 100% trust in the other person to care for your needs can be exciting, comforting and can build trust quickly.

If you want to discover more of your own sexual kinks or experiment with power play, try being submissive to one of our babes! Call Babes HQ now from anywhere in Australia.

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