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Women love their fancy lingerie, so do some men!

Women love their fancy lingerie, there's no doubt about it, and men have always admired the beautiful, silky, lacey creations that sit on a woman's body as though made of a cloud, but some men love panties for themselves. They aren't gay, they aren't crossdressers, they just really love wearing women's panties and often have massive collections of them that they wear themselves on a rotating basis. Several callers have the brand names and styles memorized to an amazing degree of this style or that, dozens of them they will know by heart and have as their personal favourites.

Some have even gone so far as to have custom made panties and suspender belts made for themselves to their specifications, especially if they are quite large or tall and they just can't find off the shelf items to their liking in a size that is appropriate. It's amazing how excited some can get at the release of a company's new panty design. Some have called and said they have plastic storage containers with literally thousands of pairs inside of them and they have tried and worn each and every pair inside of them. It becomes an obsession for some.

Many others love to masturbate with panties, stolen ones in particular, that they have lifted from the home of someone they were visiting, or from an outdoor clothesline, a Laundromat in an unattended dryer, all kinds of stories ones have told about how they take a pair, stuff them in their pocket and go home and sniff them and then masturbate with them and in some cases even return them with their cum on the crotch, hoping it will somehow not be noticed. Some will go to the trouble of washing them and then returning them, others just keep them and assume they will not be missed.

One caller used to like to take his mother in law's panties when he and his wife would visit her and he'd even lick the crotch of them and then masturbate into the crotch of the panties, feeling the silky fabric all over his cock and then he'd stuff them back into the hamper and hope she wouldn't notice all of his cum all over them and wonder why he'd been in the bathroom longer than expected. He really had a thing for her and was afraid one night he'd call out her name while making love to his wife. That would not go over well, that's for sure. Panties are pressed against a woman's most intimate body part for many hours every day, absorbing her scent and sometimes her secretions, so it's no wonder why so many men have such an attraction to them.

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